The cloud computing concept refers to the use of memory and storage capacities and shared and interconnected servers through the Internet.

The CLOUD COMPUTING environment is available on the Internet, and through fully secure attacker tools, accredited users have access to information, files and programs, etc...


We work with Trend Micro's advanced Security system in CLOUD COMPUTING clients and physical environments, ensuring the entire infrastructure against attack attempts, malware, among others, making it available to users for security reports.


Advanced Pro-Active and active-form monitoring across the infrastructure, operating system, application processes, and services, making it available to automatic alerts users by e-mail, and/or to the team involved in the project.


Through the physical device installed in the local infrastructure of the client, we perform local backup on disk (ensuring better performance) and timing with cloud (ensuring resilience).


Disaster recovery (DR) involves a set of procedures to enable the recovery of the infrastructure of technology and vital systems in the event of serious security occurrences or disasters that will affect the infrastructure and information system.

The DR is recommended when the Technology systems They support critical business functions, that is, functions that disrupt their continuity by endangering business operations.

The recovery plan aims to involve essential aspects to keep the systems running, consisting of scenarios and procedures applied whenever a failure occurs due to some inconsistency caused, such as threats of Invasion, fires, floods, vandalism, sabotage or technology failures, such as power outage, infrastructure equipment failures (servers), etc.


Development of customized WEB applications for the enterprise market using latest generation development tools and the best practices of the CLOUD COMPUTING infrastructure


Implementation of Amazon's mass e-mail firing service (Amazon SES), it is possible to send transactional e-mails, marketing messages, or any other kind of high-quality content.

With a high delivery, Amazon SES provides users with statistics and notifications to help and adjust the email submission strategy.



Instant Messaging with simultaneous translation, free long distance calls with security and centralized management


Real-time collaboration through the creation of documents, spreadsheets, presentations and online forms.


Appointment scheduling, email-system integration, phonebook sharing, and access via smartphones


Creating intranets easily and quickly without the need for programming

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Infrastructure architecture

  • Analysis, consultancy, planning, contracting and management of the infrastructure needed for the corporate market.

Database Support and tunning – DBA

  • Support Team certified in Oracle database, SQL Server, MYSQL, and others.

Email Services Consulting

  • Consulting in Solutions Office 365, Google Apps for Business

Stress-Test on Sites, portals and Hotsites

  • "Stress" test with mass access of legacy applications, to estimate and guarantee seasonal or peak times.

Operating system support

  • Advanced and certified Support Team on Windows and Linux platforms.